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Jerry_Kowal_1_for_web_4x5-1.jpgI’m not a career politician, and I never will be! I’ve spent my entire life building a successful business career and raising my family, but after seeing the direction of our state and our community, I have decided to run and represent our district to keep Sacramento accountable. 

In the 1950s, my parents immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union to make a better life.  My dad arrived speaking no English, but he went to night school while working as a dishwasher during the day, and learned how to speak the language. Years later, he earned a PhD and taught as a Professor of Economics for over 30 years. The work ethic, discipline and drive that my parents instilled in me have helped me achieve my own American Dream.  I want others to have the opportunity to have their own American Dream.

Since arriving in California thirteen years ago to attend Stanford for business school, I have witnessed firsthand that the American Dream is largely unreachable for residents of California.  Decades of liberal Democrat policies have resulted in wage stagnation, job loss and increased dependency on government entitlements.  California is quickly becoming an entitlement state on which growing numbers of our most vulnerable residents have become increasingly reliant.  Yet instead of providing these residents the tools necessary to achieve their own unique version of the American Dream as my parents once had – like public school English language instruction so they can learn and master the language of global commerce, and tax and regulatory relief so they can start and maintain thriving small businesses – the Democrat party instead prefers to legislate and expand a permanent underclass to preserve their political power without doing anything to help elevate these good people. 

As your Assemblyman for the 45th District, I will oppose tax increases and defend the rights of taxpayers, will fight against laws that drive businesses and good paying jobs out of California, will advocate for Education Reform and will work to change laws that allow prisoners to be released onto our streets early, threatening the safety of our families and children. I will fight to preserve the American Dream for everyone!

 About Jerry Kowal – Republican Candidate for State Assembly, 45th District:

Originally from Flint, Michigan, Jerry Kowal is a political outsider who has enjoyed success in the technology and digital media industries in Los Angeles for over a decade. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Business Development & Operations at Vadio, a video technology startup focused on innovating in the music video space.  He has also held senior executive positions at Netflix, Endemol Shine Group, CBS, and multiple startup companies. Earlier in his career he was a corporate attorney at Ropes & Gray in Boston.  Jerry has bachelor and law degrees from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from Stanford University.  

Alongside his wife Jeannine, a lifetime resident of the Valley as well as an attorney in Encino and Vice President of the Board of the Foundation for Prader Willi Research, a non-profit organization, Jerry co-founded a non-profit organization called Kids Need Cures, which is focused on funding research for Prader Willi syndrome.  Jerry and Jeannine live in Woodland Hills with their son Andrew (7) and daughter Caitlin (5).


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