Reforming Education

education.jpgMy parents immigrated to the US believing and teaching their children that above all else, education was the key to attaining the American Dream.  They also believed that speaking and mastering the English language was essential to achieving success in America.  Unfortunately, today in California our political leaders believe the opposite.  But our Latino public school students, whom are educated in schools that do not mandate English-language instruction, are outperformed in every subject by fellow Latinos in other states with far fewer resources than California.  Why is this?   Why after decades of liberal “good intentions”  focused on making immigrant families feel good, and billions and billions of dollars spent by our government, are the futures of our Latino kids so bleak?  As Assemblymember I will support legislation that requires our schools to teach in English so that our kids have the necessary tools to succeed in life and in our global economy – regardless of ethnic origin or socioeconomic status.  These kids deserve their fair shot at the American Dream.

Creating Jobs & Ending Job-Killing Regulations

jobs.jpgSmall businesses are the lifeblood of the California economy.  They create job opportunities for millions of our residents and stimulate economic growth.  So why is California’s liberal political establishment so eager to force them into bankruptcy, or drive them to move to other states? A 2015 study by the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute ranked the regulatory environment for small businesses in all 50 states – and ranked California dead last.  This has to change.  I will defeat job-killing initiatives like minimum wage hikes and mandatory insurance requirements that put small companies out of business.   I will be a powerful voice for small businesses in our Assembly.

Protecting Prop 13

money-pit.jpgIt seems as though the liberal Democrat establishment in Sacramento revisits Prop 13 every year or so by designing new and innovative ways to attempt to punish property owners for its own fiscal irresponsibility.  As your Assemblymember, I pledge to protect Prop 13 and the rights of real property owners in the West Valley - at any cost.  Your property rights will not be sacrificed to finance our government’s misguided spending priorities.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment


Our cherished 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is under attack like never before, from every branch of government, at the federal and state level. Bills being debated currently in the Assembly would confiscate certain rifles from law-abiding citizens.  Our Governor-in-Waiting Gavin Newsom would extend firearm background checks to simple ammunition purchases. Obtaining a concealed carry permit is virtually impossible in Los Angeles County.  Other aggressive anti-gun bills are sure to follow.Over the years California’s liberal political elite have passed some of the nation’s toughest gun control laws, but what has that accomplished other than to frustrate the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Californians?Gun control laws do not keep guns away from gang members and other bad guys. They did not prevent the San Bernardino terrorists massacre and, unfortunately, will not save us from the next attack either. As a proud Lifetime member of the NRA, I will be a strong voice for every Californian’s 2nd Amendment rights and will fight vigorously to prevent Sacramento from diminishing them further. 

Fighting Crime

crime.jpgCrime is on the rise once again in our neighborhoods throughout California, including in the West Valley. A stagnant economy, job-killing taxes and regulations, and unchecked illegal immigration are among a few of the key reasons, yet instead of addressing them directly, our political leaders have decided that now is a good time to pursue prisoner early-release programs and other dangerous initiatives that will put our children at risk and leave our neighborhoods less safe. I will fight hard to defeat measures that endanger our citizens while promoting laws that keep criminals off our streets.