Reforming Education

education.jpgMy parents immigrated to the US believing and teaching their children that above all else, education was the key to attaining the American Dream.  They also believed that speaking and mastering the English language was essential to achieving success in America.  Unfortunately, today in California our political leaders believe the opposite.  But our Latino public school students, whom are educated in schools that do not mandate English-language instruction, are outperformed in every subject by fellow Latinos in other states with far fewer resources than California.  Why is this?   Why after decades of liberal “good intentions”  focused on making immigrant families feel good, and billions and billions of dollars spent by our government, are the futures of our Latino kids so bleak?  As Assemblymember I will support legislation that requires our schools to teach in English so that our kids have the necessary tools to succeed in life and in our global economy – regardless of ethnic origin or socioeconomic status.  These kids deserve their fair shot at the American Dream.